Project Haiti
I am an energetic, passionate, and hopeful person with a love for exploration, irony, and tango dancing.  I always have trouble answering the question of "where are you from" because my family moved around as I was growing up.  Through this I discovered that home really is where the heart is, and at this point in my life I feel like I have multiples homes around the world from sharing experiences with so many fantastic and generous humans.  I believe in the goodness of humans and the power of love simply because I think they are worth believing in.  My overarching goal in life is to be happy, and I have found some of the most rewarding and happiest experiences of my life have been in helping others.  Towards this end, I am pursuing a degree in medicine and public health.  With these degrees, coupled with my love for travel and adventure, I am very excited to see where this path will lead me, because honestly, I have no idea at this point!

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