Project Haiti
Hi, I'm Rob!

I'm from a wonderful family of 5 that includes my parents, my sister (a sophomore at Texas Tech), and my brother (a sophomore at Flower Mound High School). I've lived primarily in Lubbock, Flower Mound, and Austin. I graduated from UT-Austin with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering this past December, and worked at pediatric offices in Flower Mound before starting medical school a couple months ago. I love music, and I was in a band during college (The Scotland Yard Sale; check us out!). I've been listening to J. Tillman a lot lately - check him out, if you don't like my old band. I also like to read, when I have some spare time. I just finished The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran; I recommend it. I feel my life is better told through stories, so I'll stop here. But thanks for your support!

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