Project Haiti
Hey y'all! I moved around a lot when I was little due to my dad's job in the Air Force. I thought when he retired that we'd stop moving, which was partially true. There was another place in Arkansas and then Thailand before my parents decided to settle in Texas. They actually stopped moving, but I apparently felt possessed to keep going. Denton, TX; St. Louis; Amboise, France; Nice, France; London; McAllen, TX; and now San Antonio. I just couldn't resist the charm of the Lone Star State, the stars at night, the sage in bloom...;) There's that old saying: I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could! Amen.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis a few years ago with a degree in biology and a minor in French. Who ever thought that a French minor would come in handy? But I finally get to use it (somewhat) with this wonderful project! I'm excited to put my plentiful and awesome (can you see me doing an over-enthusiastic karate chop?) first-year knowledge and skills to use, to better understand the juncture of medicine, public health, and education as well as to acquaint myself with a new culture and language.
10/4/2010 01:35:32 pm

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10/6/2010 01:22:16 pm

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