Project Haiti
I was raised in eastern Tennessee in a loving family of six: mom, dad, my three sisters and myself.  Although I miss my folks back home, I am happy to be in Texas- San Antonio is a beautiful city and only a stone's throw from Austin. I enjoy traveling and for down time, I'm normally cooking something, doing something outside, or playing around with music.  I like to play sports, and as evidenced by the random UNC regalia found throughout my house I am an avid Tar Heels fan.  UNC is my alma mater!  I lived in Nashville, TN for two years working as a lab tech and producing some of my own music on the side.  On my ceiling is the word "gullible".  I'll let you think about that one.  If you are looking for a powerful read, I highly recommend the book Kite Runner. I couldn't put it down. I am very excited to connect with the people of Haiti. Thank you for your support!
1/10/2011 09:25:54 am

You're constantly working selflessly to meet your partner's needs, but you're not looking after you.


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