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Project Haiti
Even though I spent most of my life growing up in Houston, TX, I was born in New York and will always be a Yankee at heart. I have an amazing family, with an older brother (Andrew), younger brother (Matt), little sister (Raina), our wonderful father, and the always present spirit and love of my late mother amongst us. Somehow, all my siblings and I ended up studying completely different fields, them going into Finance, Law, and Studio Art, respectively. I graduated from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (also known as the University of National Champions) in May 2008 with Bachelor's Degrees in Chemistry and International Studies with a concentration in Global Health and Development. I LOVE Tarheel basketball. I have no idea what medical specialty I will be going into in my future, but I do know it will be oriented towards international health care. I'm the Vice President of the Student Government Association, and chair of the 2012 Community Service Committee. When all is said and done, a simple soccer ball and the Great Outdoors are all I need to feel at peace and reset myself in tough or stressful times. I'm extremely excited for the future of Project Haiti, and thank you for your support!
12/10/2010 11:33:45

Star has a unique beauty, it is a masterpiece of nature.

1/19/2011 19:59:30

Wonderful world, I wish you happiness!


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