Project Haiti
Hey everyone, I'm Dan Clark from Dallas, Texas. I am from a loving family of 4 that includes my dad (Steven), mom (Sharin), sister (Jennifer), and me. I am a recent uncle and plan to be the "cool uncle," offering sweets and other delicacies missing from my sister's vegan household. I attended Northwestern University in Chicago, where I got a B.S. in Social Policy. I love sports and avidly over-commit to intramurals whenever possible. I enjoy cooking healthy delights and have become notorious as "the guy who makes his own soymilk." I'm the Vice President of the Preventive Medicine Interest Group (PMIG) and am extremely excited about the TB & HIV screenings we are now offering on a monthly basis to the homeless in San Antonio. I hope to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and one day open an inner-city clinic for the poor. My favorite book is The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - please pick it up, it'll change your life (after the few months it takes you to read it).

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